Sonal has always had a natural gift for giving relaxing massages. While working in a spa as an esthetician and a laser tech, she used to give her friends a nice shoulder rub at the end of a long and sedentary working day. Her friends encouraged her to consider becoming a professional massage therapist since she was naturally so good at what she did.

Sonal enrolled in the massage therapy program and became a registered massage therapist. Over the last few years, she has gained practical experience and has built up a loyal clientele for a variety of different services, including neck, shoulder and back massage, and hot stone therapy.

As a home-based spa and wellness center, Lanos Wellness and Spa combines the professional services offered by the larger massage clinics and homely, personal care for each client. Please visit the Services page to see our full list of services and book an appointment online or by calling us at 905-450-0007. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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We now offer laser treatment and microdermabrasion. Please call to book an appointment today!

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